Before and After Having Kids

    The first in a possible series of ‘How You think Life will be before you have Kids’ vs ‘How Life Actually is With Kids’.¬† Consider¬†Micheal Mcintyre….. (You Tube clip – trying to leave the house with kids). I had this idea a while back and haven’t had enough time to develop the drawingsContinue reading “Before and After Having Kids”

Chelmsford Morris: New Season Posters

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again.. when daffodils spring to life, the birds sing, frogs spawn and Morris Dancers start putting their bells on. Actually, for Chelmsford Morris the season doesn’t begin in full force until around about St George’s Day, or early May. So, a bit later than daffodils. This year IContinue reading “Chelmsford Morris: New Season Posters”