Drawing on Location 2

An MA update: More drawing on location. I think I am getting better, because I have actually produced a couple of drawings that I like. They’re not amazing, but I am getting back into the swing of drawing both people and the environment they inhabit – and not just as two separate drawings… actually thatContinue reading “Drawing on Location 2”

Drawings in the Job Centre

It’s good to go to the job centre with the purpose of drawing. It takes my mind off the fact that I am actually going there to sign on. That’s the joy of ‘Zero Hours’ contracts but I mustn’t worry about that – I’m just going to the job centre to draw. Once a fortnight,Continue reading “Drawings in the Job Centre”

Drawing On Location 1

So the first project of my MA is to explore and discover our personal visual language by ‘observation and experiment’. The observation has to include the moving human figure in natural, everyday environments. That’s not how they choose to frame it, but that is more or less what it boils down to. I think thisContinue reading “Drawing On Location 1”

The Shadow of Terror

This whole thing began with my friend, Sam Norton (http://elizaphanian.com). First he explained a joke; a visual joke that had he the technical skill, he’d have like to have drawn. I could have drawn it because as he explained it a picture formed¬†in ‘my mind’s eye’ – not that it in any way¬†helped me toContinue reading “The Shadow of Terror”