Birthday Card Designs for Just Imagine Illustrator’s Group

Illustrator’s Group Brief, September – October 2013.  I am a member of the Just Imagine Illustrator’s Group and we meet on the first Tuesday of the month and either discuss the progress of our own work, or look at the results of any project briefs we’ve been set. We quite often have visitors and talksContinue reading “Birthday Card Designs for Just Imagine Illustrator’s Group”

Mad as a Box of Frogs

I’ve been drawing frogs again. I have a bit of a history of drawing and painting dried frogs. You can ask me why if you like, but I don’t much know an answer beyond that the shape of them fascinates me. That they are so frog-like and yet so not-frog. They preserve so well, andContinue reading “Mad as a Box of Frogs”

Experiments With Technique or Media

This is a post to collect a lot of odds and ends really. Trying out different techniques and bits and bobs. The photo-collage of my two boys with the pen and ink studies of their ‘precious things’; that’s just a nice thing to have. I think I should do one every year, to see howContinue reading “Experiments With Technique or Media”

Calming the Rat Cage of the Mind

Drawing as a means to calm the mind. When I’m wandering aimlessly through my house, overwhelmed, I know there’s loads to do. I know I have things I ‘should’ do. The ironing pile is massive. I’ve got work to prepare for college but I don’t want to do it. The duvets need changing, the floorContinue reading “Calming the Rat Cage of the Mind”

Around every Cup of Coffee is a Soap Opera?

I love to draw in cafes. It can be quite relaxing, a way to ‘get out of yourself’ and focus on other. A way to sit back as an impartial observer, give the imagination free range as the ‘drawing’ part of your brain concentrates on the marks, shapes and tones that make up the scene.Continue reading “Around every Cup of Coffee is a Soap Opera?”